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    “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” ( 1 Corinthians 3:6)

    The family is the basic unit of a community.  Whatever happens to every individual family in a community will eventually have a sum total effect to the life of the nation as a whole.  The stronger the families, the stronger the country as well.  So boosting the growth and well-being of the families will result to, through ripple effects, health in different layers of the community up to the national level.

    Christ declared that He will build His church.  His church is His Body.  It is composed of individual believers who pledged their faith in Him as their Lord and Savior.  They are obedient to the Great Commission, and to the Acts 1:8 Challenge.  You and I, who are committed to Him likewise are part of His Body.  If we are vibrantly living out our faith as we are loyal to His call of being His salt and lights in our respective family, then the resultant radical changes will affect the nation for the better.

    So how do we as Christian believers proceed in contributing our humble share?  If we were the first to become one in the family, then we have to share the gospel through our life and our lips.  Let our family members have the opportunity to hear and respond to the claims of Christ. Then allow God the Holy Spirit to work upon each one of them through faithful prayers.  When they become believers in time, then positive changes will ensue in their lives as they continue to grow in God’s Word.  These transformations will continue to set the ball rolling affecting family relationships in different levels – between the parents, between the parent and children, and between siblings.  Each responsible believing family member also will affect others in their respective area of influence through the gospel and their changed-lives.  This spiritual movement will spread out further in time.

    In the same breath, we consider our LGs (Life Groups) as the basic unit of BCF.  Each LG is a small spiritual family.  BCF is the big spiritual family.  As each LG grows (spiritually in quality and in quantity), BCF grows (deeper and wider) as well.

    We learned the following factors that contribute to the strengthening of a  family: Communication, Commitment, Family Time, Shared Faith, Appreciation, Conflict Resolution, Respect, and Trust.  Whatever role we have in our family, let us faithfully fulfill our role and let God enrich it.  I believe that the above factors can be applied to our spiritual family as well.  Let’s improve our relationships within the LG – between discipler-disciple and among disciples.

    Let us continue to employ the above factors in our respective natural and spiritual families.  Let us faithfully do our share in God’s work in our families and witness God ‘growing’ it.

    Our very own BCF Kids had their own version of "A Christmas Story" - an illustration of the birth of Jesus Christ, performed during the Worship Service in the NEC Sanctuary on 7 December 2012.

    Selected girls from the Youth started the play with a dance interpretation of the song "Little Town of Bethlehem." The play, written by Sis Tess Burlat, was a story of a young man's (Jeremiah Reyllo) realization of the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Christ Jesus. Young actors and actresses gave life to the story described in the gospel of Matthew and Luke.

    Jeanette Magpantay, Angel Burlat, and Jireh Ibalio were the narrators throughout the play.

    Nicole Tungol captured the attention of the congregation when she interpreted the song entitled "When a Child is Born."

    I witnessed how everyone smiled when Matthew Bermas appeared as he played the role of the child Jesus. The play became more interesting with the songs rendered by the Kid's Choir headed by Bro. Gary Taganas , Sis. Lora Mae Clavecilla and other teachers from the Kids Church. It is really amazing how God works in the lives of these children. Praise God for their gifts and talents. May they all continue to use them for God's glory!