• Youth Encounter Held - Aug 25-26, 2016

    Posted On: 05 Dec 2017

    BCF’s teenagers and adolescents had a refreshing time with the Lord at the Youth Encounter at Al Manzil Suites on August 25-26, 2016. Tears were rolling down the faces of the participants as each activity brought them to the realization of who they were and who God was.

    Youth Pastor Eric Mauricio, said “The encounter was liberating for both us the facilitators and the young people.It was an opportunity for us to break the barriers on our personal walk with God and our ministry with the young people.”

    It did not only make the participants have a much clearer view of who they are and how big God is, it also gave them the opportunity to interact with each other deeply and grow stronger in their relationships within their LGs.They opened up, shared their burdens and uncertainties and  soughtcounsel from their disciplers. 

    They also had fun-filled experiences as their character, attentiveness, skills, and patience were tested to the limits in every carefully and creatively designed activity that they participated in.

    Here are some of what the participants said about their experience:

    Jewel Green:  “All changed when I experienced the encounter with Him, and that He is there beside me every step and challenge that I may have in my life.”

    Carl Bituin: "The youth encounter was a breath of fresh air. I came without expectations. I had a much deeper understanding about the Lord and his love for us."

    Danielle Perez:  “It is such a blessing to be able to attend such events that bring me closer to God.I lean towards him more and more and for that, I’m truly grateful.”

    And for Dan Dela Cruz, one of the disciplers, he said: ''It was a blessed opportunity to witness God's moving in the youth of the body of Christ -youth from different tribes and tongues.''

    The event closed with the participants sharing their testimonies and their commitment to serve, lead and spread God's amazing love. 

     It was a joint effort of the Youth Life Group Disciplers and Care Group Ministry.