• Evangelism Minstry

    Posted On: 05 Dec 2017

    A friend of mine once told me that there’s a difference between a fisherman and an angler.A fisherman catches with nets and cages while an angler catches with angle hooks and rods.  For the love of fishing, he’s the kind of anglerwho doesn’t stop until he catches the fish he wanted.

    Joining the Evangelism or EVAM team will make you botha fisherman and an angler for the Lord.  They use nets, cages, and hooks and whatever else they can find to get the job done.For me, whether using nets or hooks to catch fish, it's fishing.  In the same way, when you are called by the Lord to be a fisher of man, you do the work wholeheartedly and use whatever means you can to get the job done.

    The EVAM team uses different strategies to share the gospel.

    Basketball.  It is a good bait for EVAM to amass a huge number of first-time visitors who love this game (See figures below).  For this year EVAM is taking part in BSK’s Basketball Project Harvestwherein they share the gospel with the first-time visitors using God’s Law and God’s Son

    Bahrain Tour.The newcomers in Bahrain were booked on a two-day tour last September 11-12, 2016, the first and second days of Eid Al Adha.  The places they went to were Tree of Life, Oil Museum,Royal Camel Farm, Al Areen Wildlife Park, and Bahrain National Museum.  Most of the participants were employees of Al Rawabi School,Geant Hypermarketand Lulu Hypermarket.It was tiring yet fulfilling because the gospel was preached to them, which was the goal.

    Hospital Visits.The Hospital Visitation Team, the anglers of EVAM, continues their rounds in Salmaniya Hospital every Friday after the worship service and reached 59 OFW patients in the past six months.

    Camp Outreach!  The team goes out  to labor camps usually taking with them food and drinks to share to mostly Filipino laborers and of course, share with them the best news ever, the gospel of Christ.

    Each of those shared the gospel were also given a copy of the Bible.

    To the EVAM team, soul winning may only be considered a success when the new converts are integrated to LGs in the area they belong.  Sharing the gospel is just the start.