Transport Ministry

A dedicated transport provider for congregations. Below are the list of transport provider (free)

Just call 3 Hours before the service! God bless!


Name: Bro Robert

Friday Service Area: Hamala / Hamad Town / Salmabad Aali

Sunday Service Area: Tubli / Isa Town

BS Area: AREA 2 & AREA 7

Contact Details: 3929-1302


Name: Bro Marlon

Friday Service Area: Jiblat Hibshi / Jidhafs

Sunday Service Area: Hidd

BS Area: AREA 5

Contact Details: 3509-8616


Name: Bro Resty

Friday Service Area: Riffa

Sunday Service Area: Riffa

BS Area: AREA 5

Contact Details: 


Name: Bro Rommel

Friday Service Area: Budaiya / Saar

Sunday Service Area:

BS Area: AREA 1

Contact Details: 3963-0562


Name: Bro Joms

Friday Service Area: Isa Town / Tubli / Mahooz / Juffair

Sunday Service Area: Muharraq / Galali / Juffair

BS Area: AREA 4

Contact Details: 3646-5486


Name: Bro Ding

Friday Service Area: Sitra / Maamer / Askar / Sanad

Sunday Service Area: Sitra / Maamer

BS Area: AREA 8

Contact Details: 3417-5773 / 3955-2110


Name: Bro Jarvi

Friday Service Area: Muharraq / Galali / Hidd / Hoora

Sunday Service Area: 

BS Area: AREA 3

Contact Details: 3332-3788


Sunday Service Transport for going home:

1st Trip 8:00pm:

Bro Joms      3646-5486

Bro Ding       3417-5773 / 3955-2110

2nd Trip 9:30pm:

Bro Rober     3929-1302

Bro Marlon    3509-8616

Bro Rommel  3963-0562

Bro Jarvi      3332-3788


For further details may contact Bro Joms Remoroza 3646-5486 /Viber, Whats App, IMO

Note: Friday Service last trip 5:15 pm.