Follow the rules of the games and life - Estacio
Posted by Vic Apostol on 2017-May-14

Play games and live life according to the rules.

This was the challenge posed by Pastor Butch Estacio in his message during the BCF Paligsayahan 2016 held on Dec. 17 at Al Rajah School Auditorium.

“The rules of the game may be against our instinct, but we need to play according to the rules,” Estacio said before the players, facilitators, and spectators of the event.

Pointing to the verses 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, the Area 5 pastor stressed on the importance of training and the need for self-discipline to qualify for the prize.

“Whether you finish first or last, as long as you finish the race, you get the prize,” he claimed.

The event was officially opened with a torch run by the pastors led by Senior Pastor Alfredo Cudiamat.  Then, followed by the parade of Praisehearted Ministry Drums and Bugle, the exhibition by the Majorettes, and the Kids and Dance Ministries.

The whole-day event had about 400 heads in attendance and was headed by Committed to You Ministry (C2U).

BS Areas 2 and 8, together with Sunday Church-based BS, made up the Green Team, while BS Areas 3 and 5, the Reds. The Blue Team was composed of BS Areas 1, 6, and 7, while BS Area 4 and Friday Church-based BS for the Yellow Team.

The Green team won two major ball events – volleyball and basketball, while, the Reds smashed the Bible quiz, and three other events under Minute To Win It, to wit, A Bit Dicey, This Blows, and Give It a Whirl.  The Blue Team nailed Shake It Off under Minute To Win It, pastors’ free throws, pastors’ wives’ free volleyball serves, the mannequin challenge as well as the endurance award.  Yellow Team brought home the bacon for Tipsy under Minute To Win It, and three additional games – early bird, pastors’ wives’ free volleyball serves, and chants.

The event closed with Green Team who garnered 289 points as the champion, followed by the Red Team with 237 points as second place, Blue Team with 220 points as third place, and the Yellow Team with 208 points as fourth place.

“Though there was some confusion at some point of the games, the event was generally peaceful and organized,” said Allan Secerio, C2U chairman, in a phone interview with The Halleluyah Newsletter.

Paligsayahan 2016 committee members were Allan Secerio, Nats Fuentes, Jo Secerio, and Edith Fuentes - all four from C2U, Rey Capili of BsK, Frany Cudiamat of the Dance Ministry, Xen Villapando of the Praisehearted Ministry, Daniel Secorin of the General Services Ministry, Jemuel Gonato and Carlos Gilongos, both of the Creative Arts Ministry.