Our Purpose
Our worship services are celebrative in style. We have a lively Praise and Worship Team and an equally dynamic Choir. We encourage worship to be done not only within the church building during Fridays and Sundays; rather, we want the benefits of worship to be carried outside the church as Bahrain Christian Fellowship (BCF) members move into the marketplace, fulfilling their calling as "salt and light" of the world in the way they live out their Christian lives. Worship is a lifestyle for us.
We minister financially to needy BCF members and non-members to the extent our budget allows. We coordinate with OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) to verify the genuineness of the financial-aid requests we received. We praise God for the opportunities to minister financially during times of natural calamities. We also regularly participate in community activities, including ecological drive and blood-donation campaign.
We believe every soul is precious before God. We consider evangelism as a responsibility, as well as a privilege, of every saved person. BCF is strategically creating programs so that, by God's grace, more people will be brought into God's Kingdom. We want to see more visitors in the church and in the Bible Study centers. More important, we want these visitors to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We are intentional in sharing the gospel, particularly hose in labor camps. We visit them and make follow-up visits.
Prior to membership, a candidate is required to go through C.L.A.S.S. The requirement is aimed at allowing a member to have adequate understanding of BCF's Statement of Faith and the nature of BCF as a non-denominational and non-sectarian group of believers in Christ. Although members come and go as their stay in Bahrain hinges on the duration of their employment contracts, the church membership base still continues to grow. Testimonies abound how BCF had helped them to find a home away from home. Fellowship across all age levels is offered through area cell groups. The servant-leaders also have their quarterly fellowship, while general fellowships, which involve the entire church membership, are regularly held.
Trainings and seminars are regularly held, geared toward helping the church members grow in their faith and equipping them to minister. The Kids' Church looks after the children; the Youth ministry, the young people; the K4J (Knights for Jesus), the singles; and the c2u (Committed to You), the married couples. We also have 10 Bible study centers that carry out Bible studies. Extension classes for SEAN through TEE (Theological Education by Extension) and the PBTS' (Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary) SEE (Seminary Education by Extension) are also offered for church workers.